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This agreement is a public commitment for use of the CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION that is entered by INSCRIBE SERVIÇOS LTDA, hereafter INSCRIBE, with all CUSTOMERS, including here any individual or corporation of any nationality who at any time submitted texts, documents, data, programs or information in any format to Inscribe for the purposes of quoting or to contracting translation services, revisions, processing or handling of data and information.


1.1 The expression 'CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION' means all proprietary information submitted, transferred or submitted as documents by the CUSTOMER to INSCRIBE, even if it is not specifically marked as confidential or secret.

1.2 The exceptions to what is considered confidential information will be: (i) information that is not property of the CUSTOMER; (ii) public domain information; (iii) information INSCRIBE has acquired or may acquire in good faith through third parties who have the right of disclosure; or (iv) illegal information.


2.1 This AGREEMENT shall be effective indefinitely from the date INSCRIBE receives the first CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION from the CUSTOMER and shall terminate in accordance to FORTH CLAUSE


3.1 Upon receipt of the CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, INSCRIBE, at all times and under penalties of law, assumes the obligation and responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality of all data and information, using them exclusively as a service provider to quote prices, translate, review, process and handle data and documents, in agreement with the CUSTOMER,, and in no way to distribute, show or disclose the information to third parties without prior consent from the CUSTOMER, save when required by law or government agencies.

3.2 INSCRIBE accepts the responsibility to limit the disclosure of the 'CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION' only to its employees who must have access to the information in order to perform their duties.

3.2.1. INSCRIBE agrees to have a written commitment with all its employees who have access to the CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION described in this AGREEMENT, in order to guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations herein assumed.

3.3 INSCRIBE accepts the responsibility of not copying documents with 'CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION' unless otherwise required in the provision of the service contracted by the CUSTOMER.

3.3 INSCRIBE will keep appropriate administrative processes to prevent total or partial misplacement or loss of the 'CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION'.

3.4 INSCRIBE will immediately restore to the CUSTOMERS, upon written request, all and any 'CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION' disclosed in the fulfillment of this AGREEMENT and in a manner herein anticipated.


4.1 Only the CUSTOMER shall be able to terminate this AGREEMENT (NDA) at any time through written notification to INSCRIBE .


5.1 It is expressly established that by the disclosure of the 'CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION' to INSCRIBE, that the CUSTOMER does not grant any specific, implicit or any kind of license or right to any part of the content of the 'CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION'.


6.1 INSCRIBE obligations relating to 'CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION' do not extend to the information:

6.2 The actions originated from this AGREEMENT will terminate in two (2) years, considering the period of limitation from the date of the originating fact of the action.

6.3 The venue of Sao Paulo district, capital, is elected as the only one qualified to resolve disagreements stemming from this AGREEMENT.

Sao Paulo, October 1st, 2006

All rights reserved.
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High-quality translations

  • Originals can be printed or in any digital file

  • Translated documents will be in the same format as the originals

  • Translations maintain the originals' layout and formatting

  • Documents are submitted through a secure online environment

  • Personal communication to confirm prices and terms

  • Guaranteed confidentiality

  • Online control panel provides a complete history of your translations.
Proofreading - ensure the quality of your final texts

If you already have the translated text, or if it was written directly in the target language, we can help ensure the quality of the translation. Send us the documents and our team will promptly review and correct all the inconsistencies and improperly translated expressions; we will then give you a report of corrected problems.
Audio and Video - transcription, translation and subtitling

We will be glad to help you with your media files. We can transcribe, translate and subtitle them for you.

  • Transcriptions - Before translation or subtitling can begin, the audio and texts in the video need to be transcribed, creating a document with all the content needed. We can transcribe both your video and audio files.

    If you don't need the translation or the subtitles, we will be glad to provide you just the transcription.

  • Transcription and translation - Once the texts are transcribed, we translate all the material, with the usual InScribe quality.

  • Subtitling - We then create the subtitles and generate the final version of your video, with the subtitles applied. If you prefer, we can give you the subtitle files (.srt, .ssa, etc.) so you can generate the final version of the video. If your video will be watched online (YouTube) the encoding process may not be necessary, the subtitle file may be enough.

    The quality of the video is also important. With the subtitling, the best that can be hoped is that the processing doesn't reduce the quality of the original video. It's important that the resolution and bitrate of the original be high enough to ensure the quality.
Outsource your translations

Stay focused on your business. Let us take care of all your translation needs.

  • Lower costs - avoid indirect costs and labor liabilities
  • More flexibility - we allocate extra resources to meet your demand peaks
  • Increased control - of departmental budgets, quality, schedules and results
  • Training - a trained team focused on your business
  • Additional resources - supervisors, proofreaders, translation specific technology
  • Personalized service - we allocate a customer service manager to your account
Ad Agencies

You've spent weeks creating that perfect campaign: it's localized, it's clever, it's unique, it's a stroke of genius, and now it has to be approved by the client's executives abroad. Are you sure your campaign will maintain its stellar quality after it's translated? Or will your 'knight in shining armor atop his noble steed' turn into a 'guy in metal clothes riding a mule'?

InScribe is here to make sure what you want to communicate is in fact communicated. We take the time to find the perfect turn of phrase, the best suited expression, the creative solution that ensures the quality of your work after it is translated.

We have extensive experience working with agencies. Over fifty of the main agencies in the country trust us to translate the same level of quality and creativity they poured into their work.

But more than that, they trust us to be there when they need us. The advertising industry is hardly known for a leisurely pace - due dates are always around the corner and InScribe is a true partner in getting the job done when the deadline is looming.

Account-specific memories ensure the continuity of translation choice and the proper use of the client's preferred wording. We use memories, glossaries, dictionaries, voice recognition and state of the art tools to ensure the best quality and turnaround in translating your creative work. What's more, since we rely on internal translators rather than freelancers, our language experts are able to network with each other to find the very best solution for your specific translation needs.
Technical translations

From binding legal contracts to offshore drilling specifications, we can handle your technical documents. Inscribe relies on internal translators who consult each other and count on state of the art technology to ensure the best quality for your technical translations.

Your technical document will be handled by college educated, experienced translators who are proficient in research methodologies. If an individual in our translation staff is unable to find the best technical term for your translation, he is able to turn to our entire staff for support. Your technical translation will be subjected to three different levels of review to ensure accuracy. If that were not enough, your company will have its own translation memory and industry glossary to ensure the quality and consistency of translations over time, without depending on human long term memory of individual translators.